It’s 2020 and you’re on a jeep in the rainforest, in search of a notorious underground dance party.  You’re pursued by the jungle police, who are cracking down on unreported tropical clubs with jetsetter deejays and the most savage gogo dancers.  But you give them the slip, through an especially dense patch of banana trees and rabid shrubbery. You find the club, enter through the trunk of a hollow tree and bless the ecosphere with your hotness on the earthy dance floor. Cumbiancha Muyo blasts from the speakers – your favorite deejays are on the bill, responsible for a night of green mayhem and abandonment. Kings of the futuristic tropical landscape, the Frikstailers, lay it down in their natural habitat.  You’re in future-sonic South America, exactly where you want to be.
Dates (follow the tour on Facebook)

Sept 25 @ Chicago World Music Festival, SmartBar, Chicago IL w/ El G
Sept. 26 @ Beauty Bar, Austin, TX w/ El G
Sept. 27 @ Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA w/ El G
Sept. 28 @ El Chavito, Los Angeles, CA w/ El G
Sept. 29 @ Nectar, Seattle, WA w/ El G
Oct. 1 @ Coco 66, Brooklyn, New York, NY w/ El G
Oct 2 @ VIA Festival, Iron City Brewery, Pittsburgh, PA w/ El G

Oct 4 @ Beat Research, Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA w/ El G



Available September 7, 2010
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