Carrying messages of extraterrestrial, tropical madness from planet Klajnak, the Frikstailers have been chosen to deliver the funk.   Tremor researches folklore traditions by region and creates a new sound that is equal parts anthropology and electronic music.   Raised on rhythms of the Argentine backwoods, Mati Zundel blends dance music with traditional Latin American folklore rhythms.  
  Daleduro's style includes the use and abuse of low frequencies. Not particular to 1 style and open to all, Daleduro is in a state of constant reinvention.   Since 2003 the duo Color Kit and Catar_sys (who left this earth in Nov 2010) have made a name for themselves in their home of Mendoza, Argentina and around the world.   Federico S. Randall of The Peronists refers to his music as 'German reggaeton and cumbia' or 'Inca house'.  
  Super Guachin is an audiovisual duo made up of brothers Ignacio and Luciano Brasolin, ages 25 and 24 respectively from the quiet city of Mendoza, Argentina.   As "The First Lady of ZZK Records", La Yegros combines traditional rhythms from the jungles of Argentina's northeast with urban, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires upbringing.   Chancha Vía Circuito molds local South American rhythms into global artistry, forging a path from his town outside the urban sprawl of Buenos Aires.  
  El Remolón is a producer who tucks hints of Latin American rhythms like cumbia and reggaeton into a solid base of electronic music with a European dancefloor sensibility.   Julian Gomez produces music under various experimental and electronic aliases. ETS was born out of a chance happening where he found himself DJing back to back with King Coya.   King Coya, from the Northern Argentine Andes, is the digitized, imaginary version of Gaby Kerpel, who blends traditional Colombian cumbia and Argentine folklore with electronic music.