ZZK RECORDS is a homegrown record label and artist collective born out of the ZIZEK CLUB nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Exploring urban, global sounds with electronic music production, ZZK Records is blending the old with the new, fusing ideas, mashing continents and maximizing technology to bring Latin American music into the 21st Century with a bass that goes boom.

Since debuting at SXSW in March 2008 the ZZK Records collective has played more than 100 shows in 50 cities including festivals like Oslo World Music (Norway), Trans Atlantic (Miami), Coachella (California), Roskilde (Denmark) Summer Stage Central Park (NYC), Sfinks (Belgium) C/O Pop (Germany), Worldtronics (Berlin) and Trans Musicales de Rennes (France) along with numerous clubs, live music venues and cultural institutions.

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Tremor is Leonadro Martinelli, a multi-instrumentalist and composer with ten years of experience scoring film and theater in Argentina. Together with Camilo Carabajal and Gerardo Farez, Tremor deftly combines IDM with the sound of Northern Argentina where guitars, drums and other instruments breathe to the beat of computer bleeps.  Tremor performs live with native Argentine instruments like the charango guitar, the bombo legüero drum, keyboards and synthesizers. Tremor also has the option of working with a live VJ.

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Fauna comes direct from the foothills of the Andes where Catar_sys and Color Kit brew their particular strain of digital cumbia, morphing the traditional rhythm into jungle-cumbia infused with dancehall, reggaeton, baile funk, IDM, and drum & bass.  Fauna live gets the crowd hyped with spitfire rhymes and a high energy stage show by the two MCs plus a DJ selector. Fauna also has the option of working with a live VJ.

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King Coya
King Coya’s vision of cumbia is an original take in the Zizek spirit, where world music hits the global club scene. King Coya is the cumbia pseudonym of Gaby Kerpel, who blends traditional Colombian cumbia and Argentine folklorico with electronic music. Live shows come in two formats including a solo live set with vocalist La Yegros, or as a sound system format with guests playing various instruments.  King Coya also has the option of working with a live VJ.

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El Remolón
El Remolon brings a global dance sensibility to digital cumbia and electro-reggaeton cuts.  With hypnotic beats influenced by everything from Colombian cumbia, cumbia villera (cumbia from the slums of Buenos Aires), and reggaeton to dub, IDM, and minimal techno, El Remolon cuts his own vision of electronica for global dance floors.  His sound is laid-back but heavy-hitting with a European dance floor sensibility.  El Remolon performs original tracks as a live set with the option of guest vocalists.  El Remolon also has the option of working with a live MC & VJ.

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Frikstailers is the schizophrenic production duo of Lisandro Sona and Rafa Caivano who redefine electronic music through their own unique vision, mixing sounds of dancehall, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop, funk, dub, house, baile funk, electro and techno.  Frikstailers live is the duo mixing and mashing between their two laptops, midi controllers and other effects. Frikstailers also has the option of working with a live VJ.

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Douster is a 23 year old producer from Lyon, France who has called Buenos Aires home for the better part of the last 2 years.  At the age of 14 Douster started making beats and hasn't stopped since.   Buenos Aires and Zizek Club proved to be highly fertile ground for Douster´s search for his own sound.  Combining his background in Electro, House, Bass, Dancehall, Hip Hop with his current time and place in the world has produced something completely new, fresh and highly ZZK. Now back in France, he is on a mission, Douster sound around the world and back for thousands of party goers and music fans everywhere.  Ready, set, go.

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Chancha Via Circuito
Chancha Via Circuito explores the minimal side of digital cumbia with inspiration from Afro-dance, murgas (marching bands), minimal dub, IDM, and down tempo. Computer bleeps share sonic space with folkloric chant. Candombe drums are accompanied by the sample of a machete splicing the air and a vocal line of indigenous bebop is layered over hints of dub. Live, Chancha performs his set solo, with a vocalist, or as in sound system format with vocalists and instrumentalists.  Chancha also has the option of working with a live MC & VJ.

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Villa Diamante
Villa Diamante is Diego Bulacio, a tastemaker deejay who has carved a prominent niche in the Buenos Aires music scene with signature mashups of underground Zizek artists over big name radio hits and club kid favorites.  In Villa Diamante sets the local band Intoxicados is mixed with Gorillaz and Marcelo Fabian is combined with Pharell and Gwen Stefani.  Live, Villa Diamante gets the crowd going with his heavy-hitting DJ sets.  Villa Diamante also has the option of working with a live VJ.

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El G

EL G is the DJ name of Grant C. Dull, label manager of ZZK Records, co-founder of Zizek Club and a 6-year adopted citizen & cultural embassador of Buenos Aires.

DJ sets of El G are powerful showcases of ZZK music: past, present and future.  B-Sides, mashups, bootlegs, official and unofficial recleases plus the newest music from the ZZK label is tested on audiences during his fiery, eclectic and intensely fun DJ sets.El G
also has the option of working with a live ZZK Soundsystem & VJ.


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Zizek Club
Zizek Club is the space where Digital Cumbia was put on the map of modern music.  Zizek Club is the beginnings of ZZK Records and for many of the artists above, the space where they developed their sound, experimented openly and pushed new ideas for a packed dancefloor of hungry music fans and party goers.  Zizek Club is a showcase for the sounds coming out of the Buenos Aires Zizek scene.  Zizek Club has played at Coachella, Roskilde & numerous venues around the world and is ready to get the party started wherever, whenever and with whoever. No limits, new fronteirs, global music at its most innovative. Zizek Club has the option to play with a a live VJ.

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